Forgive me; I had to say it.

We waited to long to bottle our wine this year.  Last year, my wife and I made a great batch of blackberry wine, based on a recipe in The Encyclopedia of Creole and Cajun Cuisine.  It turned out great, even though we were a week overdue in bottling. The recipe says to wait six weeks, but we waited seven last year.

This year, we waited eight weeks (mostly because of forgetfulness and then convenience).  Alas! it is not as enjoyable.  Last year’s batch was more of a fruit punch taste; this year, there’s no doubt it’s wine–and closer to red wine, at that.  It will probably still make a decent punch or mulled wine when mixed with other things, but it’s less good to drink by itself.

Next year, we’re planning to try some interesting variations on the recipe (adding blackberry honey, aging in different containers, etc.), and those batches will hopefully turn out better.

I suppose the one really good thing about this year is that I finally got to check out the Brewing Supplies store in Bremerton.  It’s a cool place, and they carry all sorts of fun books, equipment, and products.  I bought a very sturdy corker (a device for pushing corks into wine bottles) that should last many years.  Let me know if you need to borrow it for your own wine.