I was talking with God this evening about sin and reconciliation, and He ended the discussion in a surprising way, which He often does. Sometimes, conversations with God can be funny, hilarious even, and sometimes they can be convicting. This one should have been the former, but it was definitely the latter. So here follows our conversation, as best I can transcribe.

“Lord, I know you’ve removed my sin from me. You’ve taken it, and I don’t have to bear that weight. But sometimes, it’s really hard to feel that way.”

“I know. It’s true though. They’re as far from you as the East is from the West–from one scarred hand to the other [a la Casting Crowns].”

“I still don’t know how You can use a failure like me.”

“You’re not a failure; you’ve simply failed some times. It happens; look at Peter.”

“Yeah, but he only had three years with You before that, and he didn’t even have the Spirit at that point. I’ve been with You longer than I can remember.”

“Peter was in my presence almost constantly for those three years. He talked with me, walked with me, and ate with me. Yet he still denied that he even knew me.”

“And You still brought him back.”

“That’s grace. And look what he accomplished after that.”

“Yeah, but, God, I don’t think I’m cut out for the kind of huge impact Peter had. I don’t think I can do those kinds of things.”

[Immediately, I heard Yoda’s voice in my head:] “That is why you fail.”

The conversation ended there, and I was left stunned, with a feeling of awe that God really can speak to us through anything. When the Lord of the Universe is speaking to you through a two-foot-tall green puppet, it’s pretty convicting. There’s a feeling of “If you won’t listen to my Word, I’ll still get through to you.” And somehow, knowing that it’s really His voice and not that of Frank Oz lends a bit more gravitas to Yoda’s words.

Now, if God starts beginning conversations with, “Hi-ho,” I’ll know I’m in trouble.