I’ve been pretty quiet here lately. There have been many reasons for my lack of content generation, some of them are probably even good ones.

Partly, I’ve been lazy. Partly, I’ve been caught up in Asimov’s Foundation series (three books in two weeks; that’s pretty good for me). Partly, I’ve been inspired to get back to writing my fantasy series (I had put it down for a year or so; I’ll put up a post about the series soon), in addition to the nonfiction book I’m co-authoring. Partly, I’ve been working diligently on several editing projects (including Brian Jacobs’ second Enigma Squad book).

Most recently, though, I’ve been consumed with a new project for our company, Creative Fuel Studios. I’m officially the Director of Publishing there, which is great — I don’t think there’s anyone as young as I with that title anywhere else in the world. The only problem is, we’re not a publishing company. Since we formed the company, we’ve been claiming to be an “Interactive Media” company, but if you looked at our portfolio, you’d think, “Design Studio.” Most of the company has been too caught up in doing what pays the bills to do much of what we really want to do. And what is it we want to do? Content creation and production.

That’s where I come in. I run the company hobby.

It’s been quite a ride trying to figure out how to do that, but I’d grown pretty frustrated in the last month or two at trying to do it on my own. Then my wife started working at CFS. She inspired me (as she so often does), and we started brainstorming. The ideas kept building, and we developed a plan. We’re now developing CF Publishing as its own vehicle, and I’m driving! Between facebook, Twitter, and our blog, I think we’ll actually be able to start leading the industry, generating new, awesome content and ideas. So fasten your seatbelts; it’s going to be a fun ride!